How did emagic start, our story.

Pre Production at EMAGIC


We understand the whole filmmaking process and we can work easily around your production. Like Disney, we also have our own projects running such as short Films, Films, TV & Drama. We offer a range of Video, Film & VFX services such as; Corporate Video, Advertisements, Promotional Videos, Social Media Videos, Music Videos, Broadcast/TV, Corporate Trailers & Cinematic Stories.

EMAGIC video production birmingham - Colourist


Our studios are based in Birmingham and West Bromwich, we have a full production suite, cameras, and VFX computers. This means we can undergo demanding needs. We also have Render Farm partners in the UK, to help get the best render results within short periods of time.


Where did EMAGIC. Come from? The company was established in 2011 by Jack Buck. Formerly known as E-Magic Studios, Jack started the business at just 17 years of age. It’s grown with him every year since. It is now a very successful creative video/film production company that has recently, in the last two years, become a full video marketing agency too. So EMAGIC help promote your video to a wider audience as well as help you create it.

 EMAGIC. Has come a long way since it started, the mission statement being "If you can imagine it, we can create it". This runs alongside our, modern, shorter, snappier ‘Capture, Customise & Advertise’.