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First things first, we plan our projects carefully at the very start to avoid complications and production hold-ups

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Now its time to run with our creative plan and start shooting, working closely with our VFX supervisors if required by the project.

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We have everything captured and start editing, here is where we launch into the integration of our VFX pipeline if your project requires VFX.


We stand out from other video companies because we want to help storify your video for your business. We offer exceptional quality corporate video production. This is why we come in to see and talk you through your options. We will always work with you to decide whether your video, needs to be approached either as a corporate video or a creative advert. What many people forget is; "What the plan for the video afterwards?". EMAGIC want the video to not only to look amazing but actually work for you too. 


We absolutely love to produce engaging content that capture’s audience’s attention. We have a strong dedicated team of in-house directors, content producers, VFX artists and editors that have years of experience telling brand new stories through film. In fact, we take that much pride in what we do, chances are we might even work with you via different production companies as we are one of the go-to production companies for production companies.